Me, Myself and I
Me, myself and I is manifestly Aswin Alex. Well, I am a filmmaker. To be more specific, a writer and director. My other specifics include producing, cinematography and editing. My interest in filmmaking began when I first made a short film without much knowledge about 7 years ago. After that, I started to indulge more into filmmaking which made me fell in love with it and made me realise that filmmaking was such a soul-satisfying profession.

I did my Bachelor of Film at SAE Creative Media Institute, Sydney which focuses on all aspects of filmmaking such as directing, writing, cinematography, editing and much more which involves hands-on experience that allowed me to understand the core concepts of filmmaking. 'Light & Dark' was my major work which was written and directed by myself and released in December 2018. At the moment, I'm part of a production company and we make commercials for topmost brands.

I have always been a self-taught person who loves to learn more than just school. I have a very strong belief in what the former CEO and founder of Apple, late Steve Jobs have said, “Stay hungry, Stay Foolish” which he quoted from the Whole Earth Catalog. So, I have always said that to myself which grants me to learn new things from anyone. In spite of the fact that I knew something, I would like to learn a new way to do it. Moreover, I am always eager to collaborate with other creative minds to explore more about the world. Discussions with intelligent people are always beneficial. In addition, I am a person who does not spend too much time stressing over a problem. I would like to get behind the reason of the problem and resolve it.

Apart from filmmaking, I have many other interests too such as photography, cooking, travelling and certainly, eating. I am a huge foodie. Cooking itself is a wonderful art where you experiment with different spices which gives you different flavours. Furthermore, I use up a lot of time exploring my surroundings when I am out where I take plenty of inspirations for my work which helps me to write distinct characters and stories.

Finally, in the near future, I hope to make a change and make the world a better place to live in for the future generation.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Aswin Alex
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